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About RH Products

RH Products has been a successful domestic manufacturer of solvent-type adhesives since 1948. Originally, we specialized in the manufacture of all “purpose” cements for the Shoe Repair and Footwear industries.

Over the years, these adhesives expanded into the Rubber/Gasket, Orthotic/Prosthetic, Leather Craft and Sporting Goods industries.

In 1960 we introduced “contact” cements for Woodworking, Construction, and the Carpeting/Matting trade channels.

In the mid 1970’s RH Products introduced its flagship brand (HH-66) for the permanent bonding of PVC laminated and vinyl coated fabrics. Today, HH-66 vinyl cement is the leading adhesive for the manufacture and repair of vinyl tents and awnings, tarps, liners, inflatables, signage, matting, automotive/marine interiors and covers for trucks, trailers, pools and industrial/agricultural equipment.

Our customer base is extensive. Due to our cements ability to withstand extreme temperature variances, our HH-66 has been used to repair equipment in Antarctica and has been used in the repair of the Alaskan Pipeline. Our product is also used extensively by the Military in the repair of tents and domelike structures that protect our soldiers and the vehicles that they utilize in the varied extreme temperatures of the Middle East. The US Navy uses this adhesive in the repair and maintenance of PVC substrates in our Nuclear Submarine fleet.

HH-66 vinyl cement is also used in the repair of inflatable structures found at many of today’s theme parks and holiday parade events. We also supply product for the repair of inflatable domes such as the one you see sheltering the Denver airport.

The performance of our HH-66 Vinyl Cement is truly exceptional. It is water proof, can be applied under water and it is more durable than the fabric itself.

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